WELC Map is born from the belief that a close relationship with something real, tangible, can’t be substituted with anything else.

We’ve always loved paper and its pleasurable multi-sensory elements: you can smell it, touch it, have it with you at all times and collect it.

At the same time we also believe that digital has fantastic and unique potentials that paper doesn’t.

So we thought of putting them together.

This is why we created WELC Map, which combines the emotions of paper with the power of digital.

In fact WELC Map is the first form of map in Augmented Reality: the pleasure of paper and the potential of digital in a never before seen tool.

A single “digital sheet” that includes cultural hotspots such as monuments, churches, museums, historical locations and points of interest – which in AR give the traveler the possibility of watching videos, reserving tickets, discovering events or reading texts with further information – and commercial activities like bars, restaurants, clubs and shops – which will have the chance to highlight themselves with direct links to their site, offer discounts, the possibility of receiving reservations directly from the map or redirecting users to their various Social Networks.

WELC Map allows the traveler to always have both a paper and multimedia map at the same time, thanks to the possibility of watching videos, buying tickets for shows and museums and easily accessing a series of services that are not immediate for a tourist, like simply calling a taxi or buying a bus ticket. This new tool, distributed at no cost, allows anybody to access a useful and highly innovative way of traveling that is one of a kind.

The project foresees the creation of Augmented Reality maps that will be distributed at no cost in other important Italian cities and in the most visited international capitals, besides Milan.

Live a unique experience, travel with WELC Map: the pleasure of paper and the potential of digital in a single map.